New In: Givenchy Le Rouge

4 years, 97 days ago

givenchy-le-rouge-307-grenat-initie-DSC_1615 givenchy-le-rouge-307-grenat-initie-DSC_1601 givenchy-le-rouge-307-grenat-initie-DSC_1619givenchy-le-rouge-307-grenat-initie-DSC_1625Most of you may have noticed that I always wear bright lipstick in my outfit posts. I just love the way a lipstick makes my whole face look fresh, elegant and classy. Therefore I own a wide range of lipstick, from bright coral reds to more pinkish reds and deep, intense matte red colours.
When it comes to beauty products, my motto is that one can never have to many lipsticks – which is why I immediately fell in love with this new rouge from Givenchy.

First, let´s get to the packaging: Two studs at the bottom of this lipstick hold the cap in place (there is also a magnet embedded inside for security.) The Givenchy symbol and name are engraved on the tube and cap. How cool is that?

The formula is absolutely soft and sleek, and one swipe really does give full coverage on the lips. The lipstick has good slip but not too much that it slides right off your lips after applying, and the feeling on the lips is slightly moisturizing. As a semi-matte formula, I never felt like my lips were drying out or needed extra moisturization while wearing the lipstick. This specific color, Grenat Initlé No. 307, is highly pigmented and leaves a stain of the lips even after hours of wearing.

Well, the pricetag ( € 34) may be a bit hefty, but the smooth, rich colour combined with the beautiful packaging makes it worthwhile.

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