Givenchy Le Vernis Grenat Initié No. 07

4 years, 1 day ago

givenchy-le-vernis-grenat-initie-07-02 givenchy-le-vernis-grenat-initie-07-03Today I´d like to introduce one of my current favorite nail polishes: Givenchy Le Vernis Grenat Initié. The colour is deep red tone with shades of blue and brown, a very intense hue that is not too bright. To me, this is the most perfect colour for fall and I really enjoy looking at the warm shade on my nails.

You will only need one stroke for each nail as the brush is a quite wide, but once applied, you will see that you are going to need a second layer for full coverage. Fortunately, the nail polish dries very fast, and with essie´s good to go (which is a must for me as I am very impatient!) your nails will be ready in less than 15 minutes.
I have experienced this nail polish to last at least four days, but it will start to peel off on the fifth day (just my experience with regular use). However, this is still a very satisfying result – I have used nail polishes that have chipped off after less than 24 hours, so a durabilty of over half a week feels like paradise to me.

The only downside is the price of € 20 – I know, there are many good nail polishes out there for a lot less, but Givenchy´s quality does not disappoint and is definitely worth the price.

What do you think of this shade? Do you like the colour?

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