Review: Givenchy Ondulations Précieuses Christmas Edition

3 years, 334 days ago

givenchy-ondulations-christmas-01I was really looking forward to today´s post as I wanted to show you some products of Givenchy´s new Christmas collection Ondulations Précieuses. Givenchy was so kind as to send me over a few products to review, and I was very happy to receive the beautiful eye shadow palette Ondulations D´Or, a semi-matte lipstick (Violine Précieux No. 312 ) and a deep red nail polish (Rouge Precieux No. 13).

givenchy-ondulations-christmas-02 givenchy-ondulations-christmas-07The collection´s centerpiece and my favorite product is the “Christmas Star”, a combination of a gold and charcoal gray eye shadow. The darker color is perfect for smokey eyes or if you just want to create a nice daytime eye make-up with some shadows on your lids. What I really liked about this palette is the fact that the golden eye shadow can also be used as a highlighter on your cheekbones – the glittery finish is very subtle, and the highlighted areas look suprisingly natural and have a nice glow.

givenchy-ondulations-christmas-03givenchy-ondulations-christmas-05 givenchy-ondulations-christmas-06Now to the nail polish: The quality is as good as “Grenat Initié”, a shade that I have been wearing a lot this fall. You will only need one stroke for each nail as the brush is a quite wide, and once applied, you have full coverage (a huge plus since I very impatient and never really in the mood for long taking manicures). The color is a beautiful deep red with violet undertones – very christmassy and pefect for the holiday season! You can expect up to four days of perfect manicured hands (that´s with a good top coat), but the nail polish will start to chip on the fifth day.

givenchy-ondulations-christmas-04Since I have been wearing Givenchy´s lipsticks almost every day these past months, I already knew that the formula would be absolutely soft and sleek. One swipe does give full coverage on the lips and the feeling on the lips is slightly moisturizing. As a semi-matte formula, I never felt like my lips were drying out or needed extra moisturization while wearing this lipstick

What do you think? Do you like Givenchy´s new limited edition?

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