Review: ME Hotel London

4 years, 4 days ago

To get the most out of my time on vacation, I not only plan ahead restaurant visits and shopping tours, I also do a lot of research in regards to the hotel. Using travel websites like and, I can always get a very good first impression on what to expect from a hotel. Well, while browsing these sites, I  stumbled upon the beautiful ME London, a highly rated new design hotel.

Even though London is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities on earth, I often have a hard time finding a hotel that is appealing to me. Most of them have been there for many years and their classic design/architecture is not always to my liking. I often miss the certain something that sets a hotel apart from the rest, but I may have found it in this hotel.

me-london me-london-hotel-design

The first thing you notice when entering the ME hotel is the lovely and refreshing smell of honey melon. This is the hotel’s “signature fragrance” (which you can also buy to use at home), and it immadiately makes you feel as if you were passing into a mysterious world.
For guests to feel completely at home, this hotel employs an “aura manager” who is responsible for ambience, service and special requests. You could say that his job is a mix of interior designer, concierge and DJ, and when looking at these pictures, I must say that he does a pretty good job!

me-london-rooms outfitmeme-london-roomme-london-lounge-lights

Dark marble, clean lines and sharp edges are reminiscent of the newly remodeled Saint Laurent Paris boutiques and the avantgardistic design is the common theme throughout the hotel.


The hotel was designed by Foster and Partners, one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world. It is the first hotel in which the design of everything, from the shell of the building to the layout of the public spaces and guest rooms – down to the smallest details of the room fittings – has been undertaken by the Foster studio. I especially love the small touches like integrated european electricity connections, which can be found in every room.

The hotel is also home to two well received restaurants. Cucina Asellina is based on New York’s Asellina restaurant, specialising in “simple Italian cuisine”. STK blends two concepts into one: the modern steakhouse and a chic lounge. I especially loved the atmosphere and beautiful design at STK and I hope my photos do it justice.

me-london-cucina-asellina me-london-stk-restaurant-01 me-london-stk-restaurant-02

A highlight for me was the rooftop bar on the top floor. With a spectacular view of the entire city coupled with fantastic cocktails, the “Radio Bar” has become a popular hot spot where you can enjoy a good drink with a pleasant audience. A very unique feature is the heating system which was specially developed for the outdoor terrace; it allows you to sit outside and enjoy the view during wintertimes with nothing more than a thin blouse – how amazing is that? This place has become one of my favorite venues in London and I absolutely recommend you visit Radio Bar on your next trip.

me-london-radio-bar me-london-atriumoutfit-me-hotel-london-new

My conclusion:

The ME London captivates through its stunning, modern avantgarde design and a top location near Covent Garden. Great restaurants, famous theaters and nice boutiques are all nearby. If you want to have a great time in London, this is the place to stay at.