Dior Trianon Spring 2014 Collection

3 years, 360 days ago

dior-trianon-blush-02Although it’s only January, the cosmetics counters are already geared up with numerous spring makeup collections, and just as we speak, one of my favorite brands has launched its spring line: Dior´s Trianon Spring 2014 Collection is available as of now and brings you some of the most playful and flowery makeup pieces that I have ever seen.

“Continuing its Versailles inspiration from the Golden Winter collection for Holiday 2013, this time the house of Dior looks to the effervescence and delightful gardens of Marie-Antoinette’s Petite Trianon.  For Spring 2014, the Dior Trianon Collection exhibits porcelain complexion, pink cheeks, pastels on eyes and nails, and sweet lips. The palettes are all beautifully engraved, bringing to mind the graces and cupids that predominate throughout the palace.”

dior-trianon-spring-collection-05Described as a “makeup palette for glowing eyes & a fresh complexion” the limited edition Trianon palette contains a blush in the center, 3 pastel eyeshadow shades and 1 black shade for lining.
dior-trianon-spring-collection-04For your cheeks, Dior has released two new blushes, Corail Bagatelle and Pink Rêverie. Adorned with the same pearls and bows as the 5 Couleurs palette, this blush is almost too pretty too touch…

dior-trianon-spring-collection-01There are two new 5 coleurs eyeshadow palettes, Pastel Fontagne (234) and Pink Pompadour (954)
dior-trianon-spring-collection-07The new Fusion Mono Matte Eyeshadows have a specialized texture that’s designed to fuse to the eyelid leaving nothing behind but a layer of true, hazy, matte color and able to be used in two ways, “soft” and “bold”.
dior-trianon-spring-collection-06Four rich colors for lustrous lips: Rosé (Courtisane), Coral Red (Crinoline), Baby Pink (Souveraine) and deep Fuchsia (Allégresse)
dior-trianon-spring-collection-03This collection sees an update to a Dior-favourite – Dior Addict Lip Gloss will now be available in four pastel shades: Mousseline, Minauderie, Pétillante und Exquisite
dior-trianon-spring-collection-02Perlé, Pampille, Porcelaine, and Blossom are beautiful pastel spring shades; Perlé is a pink shimmer matte top coat, Porcelaine is a cornflower blue, Bouquet is a light coral pink and Blossom an intense pink.
dior-trianon-spring-collection-08Pore Minimazer and Glow Maximiser

Launching date: 15.01.2014
The whole collection can be purchased from your regular Dior counter or through Harrods.com, Sephora.com and Nordstrom.com

dior-trianon-blush-03 dior-trianon-blush-01Full review and swatches on the blush and nail polish to follow :-)

Resumé: Overall, Dior Spring 2014 is a wonderful collection that isn’t full of bright, in-your-face colors, but rather a soft palette of pastels. Corail Batagelle is a gorgeous blush and so are the hot pink lipstick and lipgloss shades. The mono eyeshadows make a nice addition to any daily makeup as they are very subtle, and I think there’s something for everyone in this lovely collection. As most of the items are limited, grab them quickly before they run out.