Guerlain Météorites Spring 2014 Collection

3 years, 258 days ago

guerlain-collection-2014With January over, spring is almost around the corner (at least makeup-wise!). Being a huge fan of all things Guerlain, I am very excited to give you an overview of the new Météorites Spring 2014 makeup-line. The collection is all about the light and radiance, with the renewed Météorites pearls in three variations, cute bubble blushes, sparkling lips and nails and, finally, a Guerlain eye brow kit:

“The new Guerlain Meteorites Blossom for Spring 2014 celebrates the reinvention of the legendary Meteorites Pearls, whose light- diffusing properties minimize flaws and add brightness to the skin. More than 25 years after its invention, Météorites Pearls emerges with new constellations of colors to revive light and boost radiance. For the first time ever, Meteorites Pearls incorporates Guerlain’s new, revolutionary Stardust Technology, a spherical pigment contained within each pearl. This formulation diffracts light upon contact to offer the ultimate in luminous skin. Météorites Blossom celebrates this revolutionary technology, as well as the romantic colors of the new constellations, through images of light and infinite radiance.”

guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-01Each shade of Météorites Pearls begins with the same legendary combination of 3 colors which adapt to every skin tone and collectively work to beautify skin: mauve catches the light, pink refreshes and yellow counters dullness and corrects redness. These delicate and perfectly round pearls continue to be shaped by hand, with craftsmanship mastered by only 4 people in the world. Softer than ever, the new pearls allow for an even easier application and a more visible effect with every brushstroke. These precious pearls are contained in a beautiful metal tin, now marked with a new emblem of a reinterpreted rosette created with a light gradation of pink (available shades 02 Clair, 03 Medium, 04 Doré), each € 49.

guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-08The stunning natural pink bristles of the Météorites brush are longer and softer, perfectly complimenting the new pearls. This luxurious brush sweeps lightly over Météorites Pearls taking only the exact quantity of powder required. The pure white handle is a promise of luminosity (€ 35).
guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-02Each harmony of Ecrin 4 Couleurs eye shadow is composed of four different and specially selected textures to allow you to mix and match for endless combinations. The newest harmony, Les Tendres, draws inspiration from the season: iridescent ivory, satiny nude and matte violet-plum shades express an ode to nature and renewal, while a metallic aquatic green adds vibrancy (€ 53). Guerlain’s new Ecrin 2 Duo eye shadow is the perfect accessory for creating statement looks. Inside the slender gold case are 2 stunning colors—one a pure color and one a luminous veil. For spring 2014, Guerlain introduces its newest shade (09 Two V.I.P.), € 41.

guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-03The high talented mascara Cils D´Enfer comes in a gentle dark brown, which makes the course look irresistible! The three polymers that are combined in one small miracle of formula, compress and bend the lash line. The round and generous brush multiplies the volume like magic (€ 32). L’Ecrin Sourcils is a set designed for all eyebrow shades. Mix and match the powders to find a fit for your color ( € 42).

guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-06Guerlain’s new cream blushes melt instantly into the skin, leaving a satiny finish with a delicate violet scent. Available in 2 shades (01 Pink and 02 Cherry), a cheerful fuchsia and delicate pink, the Météorites blush comes encapsulated in a perfectly round white and silver case, paying homage to the Météorites bubble (€ 37).

guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-07Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique provides hydration and long-lasting color with one simple movement. With a push of the lever, luminous color with a second-skin texture is revealed from within a chic Art Deco cylinder. The new shades are 171 Attrape Coeur (spicy and cheerful pink) and 144 Insolence (vibrant fuchsia), both € 34.

guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-04Like the reinvented Météorites, the limited edition spring Gloss d’Enfer and La Laque Couleur capture the brilliance of stardust. Like a magically iridescent ray of pure light, the season’s new nail enamel and gloss shine with a surreal glow. Lips and nails dazzle with one application! As top coats they work to enhance color, adding a diamond shine (€ 29 and € 22).

guerlain-blossom-spring-2014-05Two new nail polishes are part of the new collection: No. 263 À la Parisienne and No. 463 La Petite Robe Noire, both € 33.

Launching date: 01.02.2014
The whole collection can be purchased from your regular Guerlain counter or through and

guerlain-collection-2014-03guerlain-collection-2014-04 guerlain-collection-2014-01guerlain-collection-2014-02

Full review and swatches on the blush, pearls, eye shadow palette and mascara to follow :-)

Resumé: Well, I am a Guerlain girl. To me, this is one of the best beauty brands out there, which is why I was immediately in love with the spring collection. Each product has a wonderful smell to it, and the quality is just as I expected: superbe. The eye shadow palette makes a nice addition to my  daily makeup products as it offers some very subtle, yet interesting color choices. Since part of this line is limited and highly sought after, I recommed you visit your Guerlain counter asap!