Review: L´Eau Par Kenzo Mirror Edition + Kenzo Give-Away

3 years, 231 days ago

kenzo-leau-par-mirror-edition-02A few weeks ago I received a package with a some very refreshing contents: Kenzo was so kind as the send me two samples of their new and limited fragrances L´Eau Par Kenzo Mirror Edition for Her and Him.

kenzo-leau-par-mirror-edition-01The series of L´Eau Par Kenzo perfumes started out with the original L’Eau in 1996 and L’Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme in 1999 that were succeeded by eleven launches with the most latest L’Eau Par Kenzo Colors Edition from 2013.

kenzo-leau-par-mirror-edition-03L’Eau Par Kenzo Mirror Edition pour femme: This reputed and favorite floral fruity perfume formulation with its minty notes is now tinted in a delicious mixture of melon, mint and green notes. The perfume´s heart is a fantastic combination of raspberry, lily of the valley and violet which are layered on an incredible dry down of cedar, sandalwood and white musk.

kenzo-leau-par-mirror-edition-04L’Eau Par Kenzo Mirror Edition pour homme: The exciting aromatic aquatic aroma of the classic fragrance has evolved into a sour crisp experience with its basil notes drenched in rejuvenating grapefruit and electrifying vodka. In the heart of the aroma is a splendid aquatic blend of sage, and juniper place the step for the closing trail of soft musk and vetiver.

Available from your regular Kenzo counter or online via

And now on to a very nice give-away that I highly recommend: Kenzo has started a wonderful campaign honoring its signature fragrance “Flower by Kenzo“, and you now have the chance to win some great prizes, e.g. the famous tiger-sweater, misc. perfumes and gift cards and – this is my favorite prize – you may win a private consultation by Givenchy´s very own and very famous Makeup-artist Nevil Alem-Awat. If you are interested (who wouldn´t be?), visit and try your luck!