Dior Addict Event: It-Lashes & It-Liner

3 years, 128 days ago

Two weeks ago I (once again) had the chance to spend a wonderful day in Paris, the city of my dreams, and with Dior, one of my favorite beauty brands. The french maison had invited me to get a sneak peek of and to try a new and very interesting product line that has just launched here in Europe. Well, when I say `interesting`, I really mean it, because for this summer, Dior surprises with an unprecedented, colorful special edition: Eyeliners, eye shadows and Mascara now play with bold and bright colors.


Oh Dior, you never fail to surprise me. After the fabulous Transat summer look, I really didn´t expect another little beauty sensation like this. But hey, Dior has made it (yet again).

The elegant black design in the famous “Dior Addict” style adorns the new eye make-up collection. But don’t expect a similarly dark product when opening the product, because inside the dark exterior you will find colors that could not be more intense and radiant: Pink, cobalt blue and violet. Granted these are nuances that we usually rather wear on the nails, but Dior is gently combining the tried and true with something new: Black is the base for the eye makeup and the bright colors are used to set the beautiful accents.

dior-addict-it-lash-line-002 dior-addict-it-lash-line-003 dior-addict-it-lash-line-004

Blue and purple are my favorite colors in this collection


For a more intense look, I recommed using a black or purple eyeshadow (as seen below)


Close-up: I am wearing Dior Addict eyeliner “It-Blue”, Diorshow Backstage Mono Lidschatten “It-Black” and Dior Addict Mascara “It-Purple” on my lashes (Lips: Dior Addict Fluid Stick “Rieuse”)

dior-addict-it-lash-line-007 dior-addict-it-lash-event-01 dior-addict-it-lash-event-02 dior-addict-it-lash-event-03 dior-addict-it-lash-event-04dior-addict-it-lash-line-008
Resumé: To be honest, I never thought of using any other eye makeup color than black. How could I be so wrong! The light colors are such a great eye-catcher (especially when used as a bold eyeliner) and perfect for creating that fresh summer look! Just the tiniest bit of color on the tips of your lashes can make a really big difference for a summer-ready makeup.