Chanel Fall 2014 “Collection États Poétiques”

3 years, 86 days ago


A few weeks ago I had the chance to attend Chanel´s Open Days press event in Hamburg. It was quite a little sensation for me as this had been the first time ever that Chanel invited bloggers, and for me to be one of these “chosen ones” was quite a little honor. Not only did Chanel do presentation of their new fall collection (that will be available from August 16th), but we also had the chance to test and try each and every product. And with a color range that big and wonderful, I must admit that it wasn´t easy to chose my favorite products: Intense berry tones are combined with deep blues, soft nudes and beiges, while powerful pinks meet very autumny violet shades:


Of course you will see some new, strongly limited nailcolors next season. I can already share that No. 629 Atmosphère (the second nailpolish from the left) is a fabulous metallic tone which lets the viewer see its color in nude, rose and even a little bit anthracite depending on the light. I am sure this will be a bestseller.


This fall, our lips will be immersed in a variety of colors that I really like. The shiny (and very nourishing) lipstick Rouge Coco Shine will be launched in four new, berry nuances: Intime No.93 – a classic pink rose, Confident No.94 – an intense rosewood pink, Viva No.95 – a summery rasperry shade Aura No.96 – a violet currant tone.

chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-005 chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-014

Earthy, gentle eye shadow colors (the above eye shadow palette is actually one of my favorites from the new collection and perfect for everyday wear) can be found in Chanel’s latest line as well as a whole range of vibrant mono eyeshadows whose colors range from yellow to pink to an intense violet:

chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-006 chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-007

For this look, all six new colors of the mono eyeshadow line have been used. Don´t you just love the fantastic eye makeup?

chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-002 chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-001

The most interesting new creation that Chanel has to offer is something that might easiliy change your daily makeup-routine for good. For the first time ever, Chanel  has developed a skin-perfecting loose-powder foundation that comes with a mini Kabuki brush for easy application. The formula itself combines two different powders, the shapes of which allow them to adhere easily to the surface of the skin. It’s also enriched with a softening Canola oil derivative, which means that, even though it’s a powder, the foundation doesn’t dry the skin at all.

While I am one to find powder makeup tricky to use, the kabuki brush picks up just the perfect amount of powder, allowing it to settle down into the bristles, which means you don’t have to keep picking up more product. It is suggested that you start at the center of your face and then buff the powder into the skin in circular motions moving outwards.

What I really like about this foundation is that the level of coverage is completely customizable: Applying less product will give you light to medium coverage, whereas building on more layers will eventually give you a full-coverage base.

Vitalumière Loose Foundation (price € 72) will be available in five shades. In addition, SPF 15 protection shields the skin from the sun’s rays.


To enhance the makeup result, add a touch of colour to the cheeks with the new shades of Joues ContrastesRose Glacier, an intense iridescent pink and Jersey a rosy beige (a limited edition – Europe only).

chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-004 chanel-beauty-fall-collection-2014-003

Lastly there is one release that I am very happy about: Chanel Coco Noir, the infamous, mysterious sister of Coco Mademoiselle will finally be launched as a perfume version. I wouldn’t have thought that it could be possible that only a single small drop would be sufficient to provide such an intense and longlasting scent on my skin- but even after a long evening you can still clearly smell this fragrance, even though I only apply it to my neck and wrists.

Buy online through Harrods and Sephora.

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