Review: Rouge Louboutin by Christian Louboutin Beauté

4 years, 308 days ago


Earlier this month, shoe designer Christian Louboutin released an assortment of nail polish, the first products in his beauty line. While it was assumed that he might introduce red lipstick as his first product, it is actually nail lacquer. Early in his career, the designer famously grabbed some red nail polish from his assistant and painted the sole of a shoe he was working on to make it more vibrant. Thus, a legendary product was born.

rouge-louboutin-nagellack-005 rouge-louboutin-nagellack-013

Look at this beautiful design – the iconic “Ballerina Ultima” is perfectly transformed into a small nail polish bottle. The Rouge Louboutin bottle measures an impressive eight inches, the same length of the heel on the ballerina shoe.

rouge-louboutin-nagellack-007 rouge-louboutin-nagellack-006 rouge-louboutin-nagellack-008

I tried the nail polish last week and I am absolutely in love with it! While the bottle may feel a bit heavy at first, I quickly got used to it. For the best control, I recommend you hold it very close to the brush.
Regarding the nail polish, it is one of the best I have ever tried. The color is a perfect match for the fiery red Louboutin soles, and I would say that one stroke and layer is enough for full coverage of each nail – perfect for lazy and impatient ladies such as myself. Plus, my nails looked so shiny and glossy that I spared the top coat – what more can a girl wsh for?

rouge-louboutin-nagellack-010 rouge-louboutin-nagellack-009 rouge-louboutin-nagellack-011 rouge-louboutin-nagellack-012rouge-louboutin-nagellack-001

I know, a €45 (US $50) bottle is very pricey for just a nail polish, but when it’s as beautiful and stunning as this I think anyone would foresee such expense.  The full nail polish range will include 30 colors in three different categories and will be available from September 1st (stay tuned for more info).