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Today´s blog entry is all about one of my favorite beauty brands Guerlain and two of their current star products.

Guerlain L´Homme Idéal

After Guerlain Homme, Thierry Wasser, Guerlain´s very own parfumeur, has created his second masculine fragrance for the french maison.

Top: Citrus, Rosemary and Orange Blossom
Heart: Almond and Tonka Bean
Base: Indian Vetiver, Cedar and Leather

This very mature fragrance pays homage to Guerlain’s heritage as the masters of the perfume world and is the pendant to the extremly popular La Petite Robe Noire. Sweet almond notes turn into intense cherry-like nuances, and a dark and bitter orange blossom adds a touch of heavy stickiness. You can also smell a hint of citrus in the opening that stops the bitter almond from becoming too edible. But for the bigger part, this perfume is about anise, almond and leather.

Guerlain L´Homme Idéal, buy through Neimanmarcus.

guerlain-beauty-2014-004 guerlain-beauty-2014-005

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick

Guerlain has reinvented and relaunchend one of their most famous products ever, the iconic Kiss Kiss lipstick. It has completely changed its look from a golden shell to a very black and sleek new design.

Available in 25 different shades through Sephora (US $ 37)

guerlain-beauty-2014-002 guerlain-beauty-2014-003

Guerlain Kiss Kiss New Liplift

This is the ultimate lip primer that fills in lip lines and makes your lipstick last like no other product on the market.

Buy through Sephora ($ US 35).guerlain-beauty-2014-008guerlain-beauty-2014-007

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