Setting Up My Nursery

2 years, 311 days ago

Today´s blog entry is all about the most important things you would need before welcoming your little one. It took me a lot of time and research to find the in my opinion best and visually most appealing products out there, and I hope you like what I have bought so far:

Stokke Sleepi Mini Bed

From all beds that we have seen, this was the one that stood out most. The Stokke Sleepi Mini Bed is just perfect for newborn babys –  its cozy oval shape provides a sense of security (just like when the baby was in mommy´s tummy) by creating a cozy nest-like environment. As the bed is only 67 cm/26 inches wide and has lockable wheels, it very easy to move it from room to room and extremly space saving.

stokke-sleepistokke-sleepi-02 nursery

Stokke Xplory Stroller

A stroller is the most important acquisition you can make (at least baby-wise). Since it will be in daily use for a couple of years, it is absolutely necessary that you invest in a good quality item that will stand the test of time. For me, the Stokke Xplory (color Black Melange) was the ultimate choice. With pioneering seat height adjustability, this stroller brings the baby closer to mother/father while exploring the world together. As it is designed to be quite narrow, it is very easy to maneuver around city corners. With five different seating positions, front or rear facing, the Xplory is the perfect stroller to bring child and parents together – plus, I love the sleek and nice design!

stokke-xplory-black-melange-01 stokke-xplory-black-melange-02 stokke-xplory-black-melange-03 stokke-xplory-black-melange-04

Stokke Changing Bag

Not only does this bag perfectly match my stroller, but it also makes room for all the necessities you need while en route.

stokke-xplory-black-melange-06 stokke-xplory-black-melange-05 stokke-wickeltasche

Baby Sleeping Bag By Alvi

When I was a baby, my parents used to tuck me under some huge down blankets, making sure my whole body was covered. But nowadays, it is quite uncommon to have a baby sleep under blankets. For ultimate safety, it is absolutely necessary to use a sleeping bag. I chose this model by Alvi which comes with two inner sleeping bags and a thicker padded outer bag.


Smallstuff Mobile

When I first saw this sweet little mobile from scandinavian label Smallstuff, I immediately fell in love with it. The little butterflies are so colorful and cute, and I can´t wait to see my baby girl reaching for them.

baby-gender-reveal-03 stokke-sleepi-03