Pregnancy Does Not Come Easy…

2 years, 282 days ago


… does it? These past few days have been such a major struggle that I wish for nothing more than this sweet little baby to come out of my belly and this maternity to be over. Ever since last Wednesday, I suddenly felt a huge pain in my lower back and pelvis due to the pressure that comes from my dropping belly and the baby´s weight. I am not exaggerating when I say that I haven´t slept in over five days, a situation that leads me (a usually very open-minded & friendly person and a positive thinker) to be in the worst mood ever, disliking everyone and everything around me and crying whenever I get the chance! Well, now I know why sleep deprivation is a method of torture…

However, until I am able to shoot another outfit for you guys, I thought it would be nice make another baby- and pregnancy-related blog entry:

Theraline Nursing Pillow


This nursing pillow is a must-have for every pregnant woman out there! I honestly wouldn´t have survived a single night without it as it is perfect for sidesleepers (which all moms-to-be eventually become). After pregnancy, you can use it for additional support while (breast-)feeding to reduce neck pain and tensions.

Baby´s Wardrobe


When this year´s winter sales started, I just couldn´t help myself and had to buy a whole set of clothes for our little one. Most pieces won´t fit (and might not until she becomes a toddler), but everything is so tiny and cute and I could stare at baby´s wardrobe for hours…

Articusmini Bunny

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My dear friend Katie gave me this sweet made-to-order bunny as a gift for little Miss Sunshine :-)

Nintendo 3DS


What would I do without my Nintendo 3DS? Currently, I am playing Zelda – A Link Between Worlds – it is such a fun game!