Personal Sharing & Some Favourites

2 years, 222 days ago

katie-favourites-005Let me start of by apologising for not having posted in such a long time. As “I’ve been really busy” might not be enough explanation this time, I’ve decided to share some personal information with you. I moved to Spain end of last year to pursue postgraduate education and get my MBA diploma. My business school is quite demanding and for the past few weeks I had to study for exams and simultaneously work to meet deliverable deadlines. It’s not always easy, as most of the subjects don’t come naturally to me and many of my fellow students are more experienced and often have prior knowledge in many areas. Let me tell you I am ready for holidays! I would have loved to share an outfit with you for this post but since my photographer, aka boyfriend is still busy with compulsory commitments, I want to share some last months’ favourites with you.

katie-favourites-006My uni starts every morning at nine and while this is a quite moderate hour of day, the so-called lunch break at three is not. The Spanish generally eat quite late and three o’clock is standard lunchtime in Madrid (10 PM dinner is too). To keep me through those unbearable long hours without food, I need to snack. My favourite snack / breakfast on the go are Raw Bites bars. The bites are 100% organic and only made with fruit, nuts and other natural ingredients. I have tried all flavours and top three are: Coconut, Raw Cacao and Vanilla Berries. These little treats are not only healthy but also really filling!

katie-favourites-001In the past couple of months I’ve really come to appreciate my Kindle Paperwhite. Readings of all kind are a big part of Business School: cases, book chapters, articles, reports – you name it! Downloading these readings to my kindle makes keeping up with my reading duties so much easier, especially when I don’t want to drag my Mac with me all the time. The new Kindle is incredibly light, has an extremely long battery life and its white background and dark text display a contrast similar to real paper, making reading – whatever one wants or has to – easy and comfortable.

katie-favourites-002My love for Aesop has no boundaries. I fell in love with this brand when I lived in Australia a couple of years ago and I have been a firm supporter ever since! I am constantly amazed by the scents and textures this brand releases and the distinctive packaging of their products. On a recent trip to Germany I bought the amazing Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash and if I had one word to describe this product it would be ‘wow’. I wash my hands a lot and this soap does not strip any moisture, cleanses gently and best of all has a mesmerising aroma that instantly makes you think of Spas and relaxation. I could not have imagined how the routine of washing my hands could turn into such a pleasurable experience!

katie-favourites-009Another Christmas gift I have been using every day is my bkr water bottle. I have already written my praise about this one, you can find the article here.

katie-favourites-003 katie-favourites-004If you are counting the days for summer like me and suffer the consequences of sun deprived pale skin, the Charlotte Tilbury Sculpt and Highlight palette might be a Holy Grail product for you! Charlotte Tilbury makeup is among the top of my “all times favourites” list. Especially the Film Star Bronze & Glow palette is to die for. The rose gold packaging is utterly beautiful and the entailed colour duo is pure perfection. Since I use my palette every day, it has signs of usage and hence my picture really does not do it justice. The bronzer gives a sun kissed look, without muddy or loud orange undertones and the highlighter shade is created perfectly to give your skin that glowing look without being to gold or shimmery. As far as I know, Charlotte launched her products only in the UK and USA, however Net-a-porter stocks this gorgeous makeup line and delivers internationally!

katie-favourites-005Honestly, at times I can be disorganised and this specifically manifests in leaving my jewellery (and mobile phone for that matter) all around my home. As soon as I enter the apartment, my rings come of. For a while now however, I have been able to store all my actively used rings in one place and in a very fashionable manner using these adorable and super affordable ring holders I found on amazon. They are so cute and fun to look at! Click here for the bunny or elefant.

katie-favourites-008Lord help me, but I cannot resist Tiffany & Co. and the iconic blue of their boxes. Like so many girls, I have been wearing their pieces since I was a teenager (shout-out to the Return to Tiffany tag bracelet). Especially the new Tiffany T collection resonates with me. It’s so bold, yet minimalistic and like Francesca Amfitheatrof, design director at Tiffany & Co., I too believe in the “great power of simplicity”. I was lucky enough to get the Tiffany T Square ring in sterling silver for Christmas. Since then the ring has not left my hand, I literally wear it everyday. It has a sentimental value too, since T is the initial letter of my boyfriend’s name.

katie-favourites-007The past few months I’ve been loving my Chanel Trainers. I love wearing high heels and for all special occasions I would pick high heels no matter what. At heart though, I will always be a sneakers girl. There is just nothing that beats the feeling of comfortable footwear, especially when running around meetings, school or for leisure all day. Of course, as any girl know, that state of feeling is often traded for fashionable choices. Thanks to the Chanel – at least in my case – this matter has been sorted. I adore the mix of the casual sporty nature of sneakers and the hint of chic sparkle of the iconic Chanel tweed. I have been wearing these babies with jeans and trousers, however nothing beats them with black leather leggings and a grey cashmere sweater!