My Favorite Baby Products

2 years, 215 days ago

Today´s blog entry is a very baby-related one, but since my life is all about my little baby girl these days,  I would like to share some insight on what products my little one and me favor:

aden + anaïs Muslin Merino Sleeping Bag


“They grow so fast!” Oh, it´s true what they say, because my baby girl already outgrew her sleepings bags! Her newest sleeping bag is from the luxury Merino-Musselin collection of aden + anaïs. It is so cozy, soft and warm and the nice pink color suits little Miss Sunshine very weel :-)

Baby Trapeze


This wooden trapeze is perfect for baby´s first months. It is made of organic wood and 100% non-toxic which is very important to me.

sebra rattle and mobile for stroller


sebra is a scandinavian label that focuses on interior design, toys and accessories for babies and kids. The rattle was a gift for baby´s birth, and since I love the crochet design so much, I bought the mobile as well.

Baby Dior Shoes


Oh how I love these fabulous and uber sweet shoes by Dior! They were a gift from Dior Paris, and while they´re still a little too big, I can´t wait to see my baby finally wear them :-)



I bought these sweet hair accessories on Dawanda, the german market platform like Etsy where you can shop handmade and uniqe pieces. These two hair bows look so cute on my little baby girl and I am very happy with the quality.