Valencia City

2 years, 119 days ago


In a more or less recent attempt to escape my daily routine, I made the trip to see the beautiful town of Valencia. This trip happened so spontaneous; there were no plans, no bookings and no cameras (or makeup for that matter). Fortunately my iPhone enabled some snapshots, which I’d like to share with you!

Valencia is a beautiful city with lots of character and charm. Few know that the local Cathedral is home to the Holy Grail, the chalice Jesus is pictured and believed to have used at the Last Supper. Besides history, tradition and architecture, Valencia is a great place for foodies such as me! Delicious goodness literally awaits you around each corner of the city. I highly recommend Crudo Bar for some crazy amazing seafood. I basically ate the entire time! We discovered the historic city, sipped yummy Horchata – a local beverage made of tigernuts, water, and sugar – as we strolled through charming neighbourhoods and went to the Mercado Central, which is considered to be one of Europe’s oldest markets still running. The impressive modernist building hosts various vendors, most of which sell food. The atmosphere is sure something to remember…


Shorts: Sandro (lovely alternative here)
Silktop: Tibi (similar one here)
Bag & Shoes: Chanel
Jewelry: Tiffany&Co., Cartier, Dior
Watch: Tudor
Sunglasses: Céline