Happy New Year!

I´m back, gals! I know I´ve been off for the last two weeks, but I spent the holidays with my family and used my spare time to meet with my old friends who had all returned home for Christmas. But now I´m feeling relaxed and full of energy and I can´t wait for all the amazing things to happen in 2013! Here´s my little list of wishes and what I have planned so far:

1.) My biggest goal is to stay healthy. You may not believe it, but last year I have been struck by flu for over eight times… I would have never imagined that an illness as simple as the flu could have such a serious impact on your overall health, but being sick so many times and having to take antibiotics really weakend my body and I had to stay in bed for many weeks last year. Hopefully 2013 will be better!

2.) I absolutely love “working” on my blog – it gave me the opportunity to meet so many lovely people and has become a party of my identity (as crazy as this may sound). So I decided to post at least two outfits a weeks and to make my blog a little more private – so stay tuned for many more things to come.

3.) This year is gonna be very exciting as I am planning some trips to Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Hopefully I can make it to Australia as well as I have heard so many beautiful things about it and love to see it in person.

4.) It may sound impossible, but I will try to change the way I spend my money and limit my expenses to special things only. Within the last three years or so, I tried to step away from buying “trendy” fashion items since many pieces did not really last that long in my closet. So I decided to spend my money well and invest in classic icons only. Currently I am wishing for: Collier de Chien bracelet and belt from Hermès, a patent leather clutch from Louis Vuitton´s Mini-Collection, a Chanel Classic bag in size minigröße and maaaaaayyyyybeeeeee a grey Birkin Bag…

I wish each and every one of you a happy new year! XOXO

My outfit for New Year´s Eve:

Maje Blouse (find a similar one here)  |  Mango skirt (this one is nice as well)  |  Valentino Pumps (here and here on Sale!)  |  CC Skye bracelet  |  Bracelet  |  Chanel Lipstick (Colour name: Genius)