10 Things You Didn´t Know About Me

1. I got married in Central Park/New York two years ago.

2. I hate eating fruit, but I love smoothies!

3. Part of my family lives in Sweden and I think I may have travelled there for over 25 times. It´s a beautiful country and worth seeing!

4. Since I am the type of person that easily gains weight I am always on a strict diet and I work out a lot.

5. Sex and the City is the only “girly” series I have ever watched. My current favorites are The Wire, Curb your Enthusiasm, Game of Thrones or Louie.

6. I am a city girl and I could never move to the countryside (not even if I was given a big house and being paid for living there!)

7. I am a very reliable person and I hate it when people aren´t!

8. I am shortsighted with minus 7 diopters, but I am too afraid of an eye laser surgery.

9. A holiday at the beach is one of the most boring things I can think of… I always need to be up and running!

10. I am very impatient and will not rest until I get what I want.