Shop Le Monde In The Press

shoplemonde-interviewDear all,

Today I´d like to show you some recent press features of Shop Le Monde that I am very proud and happy about.

Some of you have already seen an article in the current (February) issue of JOY magazine where I give a step-by-step walkthrough of my daily makeup-routine with my favorite Guerlain products. It took a few months from shooting these pics until I could hold the actual magazine in my hands, but let me tell you: It´s such a surreal experince to see yourself and your blog in a magazine! You can read the full article here:

shoplemonde-interview-03In addition, I shot a whole series of pictures with three different looks of this wonderful and versatile Bouclé top from one of my favorite german brands, 7 Chic Avenue. You can find the full post with all my looks here at Flair-Magazin, and the best thing is that you have the the chance to actually win this gorgeous top worth € 220! shoplemonde-interview-04 shoplemonde-interview-05