Behind The Scenes – My Photo Equipment


Since I am receiving many questions regarding my camera almost every day, I would like to introduce my equipment in this blog post. We are using three cameras: The Nikon D600, the Fuji X100 (my personal favorite) and the iPhone 5S.

Equipment Overview

Nikon D600 with Nikkor 50mm F1.4 and Nikkor 85mm F1.8 lenses
Fuji X100
iPhone 5S with VSCO Cam
– Software: Adobe Lightroom


My DSLR – Nikon D600

For outfit posts we are mostly using the Nikon D600, because a DSLR and a right lens let you create the well known depth of field effect. My husband is taking care of the camera handling and he loves to take photos. You really need to be interested in all details of the camera because there is a steep learning curve to operating a DSLR and getting a good photo. A good lens for multiple uses that creates a nice depth of field is the 50mm, and tobe fair, the lense is actually even more important than the camera itself.


My Compact Cam – Fuji X100

The X100 is a high-end compact camera inside a beautifully designed retro body. I love to take this camera with me whenever I am on holidays, I and always get compliments for its design. Thus, I can fully recommend it to anyone because it is so easy to take nice photos with it. It even simulates old Fuji film stocks which give you great colors in your photos. The current successor to this camera is called the X100S.


My Mobile Phone – iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S takes sharper photos than the iPhone 5 and I am happy that I made the upgrade. Of course after you take the photo you want to give it the right look, and this is where I use a wonderful app called VSCO Cam. VSCO creates the best photo filter software and the looks you can get with it are just so much better than the filters Instagram is offering. This company also creates the tools professional photographers use for developing their images so they really know their game.

My Recommendation

I would only suggest to get a DSLR if you are willing to spend a lot of time on learning how to operate it. A good compact camera like the X100 is light and automatically optimizes your photos while you take them so you get good results much easier. If you are using your smartphone I highly recommend VSCO Cam, it’s the best app on the market. Additionally you should have a look at the general photo composition rules.

Sample Images

Here are some sample images where you can see the used camera at the top right corner:


d600-003 d600-002 d600-004x100-001 x100-002 x100-007 x100-003 x100-005 x100-006iphone-002 iphone-004 iphone-001 iphone-003 iphone-005