Turquoise Chanel Love


Oh my, how time flies! It´s been already four months since I found myself at Chanel in Paris, adding one of the most fabulous and beautiful colored bags I know to my collection. But since the weather was so rainy and gloomy almost all summer long, I never really got the chance to wear this bright and stunning gem until last weekend:

chanel-reveal-turqouise-medium-flap-2 chanel-reveal-turqouise-medium-flap-3 chanel-turqouise-medium-flapchanel-turqouise-medium-flap-2Well, now that summer is here to stay, this turquoise beauty is just perfect for combining it with long and bright dresses! I have been looking for this particular color for ages and was so happy when Chanel released this (very Tiffany blue) bag back in spring. To be honest, the medium size does not hold very much, but my shoulders will thank me for the change in weight (compared to the Jumbos that I usually wear).