Gender Reveal: It´s A …


Dearest readers,

I have to admit that I hesitated quite a bit to reveal my baby´s gender before birth. As I am a bit superstitious and always like to be on the “safe side” with everything, I wasn´t really sure to whether or not let you know if we were expecting a girl or boy.

However, within these past weeks I have been very busy with preparing the nursery, buying my baby´s first outfits and getting ready for our little one´s arrival. And since I am bursting with joy and can´t keep this secret any longer, I am happy to tell you that in just a few weeks, my husband and I will welcome a little baby girl!

I am more than excited (especially because I created a mini me) and we are counting the days until we finally get to meet her.

Thank you all for accompanying me on this wonderful journey and being part of my biggest adventure yet!


baby-gender-reveal-02 baby-gender-reveal-03 baby-gender-reveal-04