Review: Shangri-La Hotel Paris


The Shangri-La Hotel is a 5-star belle-époque palace with the absolute best views of the Eiffel Tower and it was once the home of Napoleon’s grand-nephew, Prince Roland Bonaparte, who lived here until his death in 1924. For the hotel opening in 2010 every small detail of Prince Bonaparte’s home has been meticulously restored which makes you feel like visiting royalty. I love hotels that are authentic in their design, and like the Mercer Hotel in Barcelona, which I visited last May, the Shangri-La is a perfect example of a hotel that honors its building’s history.

Of course we took some time during our stay to capture the beautiful details of the hotel as well as some mesmerizing views of the Eiffel Tower:


After our arrival we took in the incredible view from the top of the hotel.

shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-002 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-003 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-004 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-005

All of these treats were waiting for us in our room after we checked in.


Shortly afterwards we were greeted by the staff and tried the Shangri-La signature blend of tea.

shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-007 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-008 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-009 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-010

I loved the room scent, it was very unique.

shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-011 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-012

We took this incredible shot in the morning, right through the window in our room.

shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-013 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-014

Breakfast is served in room and its such a convenient way to start the day.

shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-015 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-017

Most of the interior details have a long history. This lamp/statue was gifted to Napoleon’s grand-nephew in Egypt.

shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-018 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-019

Elaborate wall and ceiling murals make this place feel like a museum.

shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-020 shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-021shangri-la-paris-hotel-review-022

The former horse stables now offer a serene day-lit pool area and luxurious health club.


This is the house of Gustav Eiffel, which is located right next to the Shangri-La hotel.



Photos taken with a Nikon D600. Click here to learn more about our equipment.