Chanel Ephemeral Boutique Saint Tropez

Starting this week, Chanel once again takes up summer residence at the private villa La Mistralée in Saint-Tropez. Each year House creates different décor settings, a showcase for its Ready-to-Wear, accessories, watches and fine jewellery collections. This season, the interior design tends towards clean lines and monochrome. Each room is painted in a single shade: navy blue, burgundy, pink nude and gold. Only a few walls are heightened with sections of floral wallpaper. The glass and chrome furniture in colours to match each room is modern and minimal.

chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-02 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-03 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-04 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-05 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-06 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-07 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-08 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-09 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-10 chanel-saint-tropez-ephemeral-boutique-11

Images: Chanel

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