My Love for Hats

One of my go-to-accessories for all seasons is a beautiful hat. I have gotten so used to wearing fedoras that whenever I go out without one, I feel like something is missing. For me, a hat complements almost any outfit, whether I am sitting on the beach in a bikini or walking through snow and freezing temperatures.

My little collection of hats now includes almost any color from beige to taupe, burgundy, black or even pink (a shade that is perfect for summer). Since there are currently some very beautiful ones on sale, I thought it would be nice to present you my favorites:

outfit-schulterfrei-001maison-michel-hat-003 maison-michel-hat-001 chanel-mini-flap-003 edited-the-label-pullover-02maison-michel-hermes-kelly-bag-002DSC_5806 IMG_8490