Basic Explanation of Playing 13 Card Online Gambling

A Short History of the 13 Card Game

13 card game might feel a bit strange to our ears, this card game is more familiar with the name of capsa which in Chinese means 13. When compared with the game of Poker, 13 cards are arguably losing popularity, but the capsa game is quite popular in the Asia and SEA Region, Indonesia is no exception. Capsa game has its own community both played for leisure time only and is played by gambling, both classic and online. Generally a capsa or 13 card game is played by a maximum of 4 people where each player will get a hand in the hand of 13 cards. Along with the development of technology and rapid advancements in the internet sector now Gambling lovers can enjoy the Online 13 Card Gambling game or commonly known as Our site online stacking which can be easily played on a PC browser or on your Smartphone.

How to Play and Indentify 13 Card Combination Card Calculations

In playing you are required to arrange the 13 cards that you have received into 3 levels. Each level has its own meaning and cannot be carelessly compiled. Here is a brief guide on how to arrange 13 cards, especially for beginners:

  1. The first level: generally located at the bottom and consists of 5 cards with the highest combination.
  2. Second tier: is in the middle position and its position is above the first tier consisting of 5 cards with a combination of cards that are generally below the first tier card combination.
  3. Third tier: in the top position (above the second tier position) at this level contains the remaining 3 cards that are judged to have the lowest combination

In the 13 card game the highest value between card symbols is as follows: Waru (Spade) > Love (Heart) > Keriting (Curly) > Wajik (Diamond)